Monday, January 18, 2010

Scala dose #3: Constructors

We have not talked about constructors yet. It's time we do so now. Let's type in the following to the scala prompt:
scala> class ScalaDose3 {
| println("I am getting constructed")
| }
defined class ScalaDose3

scala> val v= new ScalaDose3
I am getting constructed
v: ScalaDose3 = ScalaDose3@1b951f2


So from this we see that the body of class itself is the scala class constructor. If that is so, how do we pass parameters to the constructor. Let's see below:

scala> class ScalaDose3(dose: String) {
| println("I am getting constructed "+ dose)
| def getDose() = {
| dose
| }
| }
defined class ScalaDose3

scala> val v="This is dose no 3"
v: java.lang.String = This is dose no 3

scala> val sd = new ScalaDose3(v)
I am getting constructed This is dose no 3
sd: ScalaDose3 = ScalaDose3@1dba9f9

scala> sd.getDose
res0: String = This is dose no 3


So, we can pass parameters as part of class declaration itself as shown above (
class ScalaDose3(dose: String) { ) . One consequence of this is that this lead to concise code. Next time we will discuss auxillary constructors.

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